Sunday, May 31, 2009


Hey there. I just got a WII for my birthday. Yes, I know I'm a little behind the curve on this one, but I thought it would be a cool way to exercise. I sit a good bit of the day at a desk, doing paperwork or editing video or something like that. When I get home it's make dinner, do dishes and relax a little before getting ready for the next day.

I hooked up the WII to a TV down in the rec room downstairs. It would be awesome on the big screen, but I thought I would start small. I got the basic set and the sports set with bat, racket and golf club. It also includes bowling and boxing. It is amazing the number of things you can get to work with the WII. So we'll see.

I had a blast working through most of the games. I didn't do the golf yet, but did well with baseball, bowling and boxing. Tennis is a little harder to get coordinated. That will take a little more time, but it will be fun working through it.

Cool game.
Take care.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Star Trek Movie

I just came back from seeing the new STAR TREK movie. I thought it was absolutely wonderful. I loved the original STAR TREK series -- until they started going crazy with love stories for Bill Shatner. The original episodes were eye-opening and thought-provoking. They showed us individuals from new planets, with images that we'd not seen before.

I was particularly taken by Karl Urban's portrayal of Leonard "Bones" McCoy. He was perfect. You could just about hear DeForest Kelley speaking the lines. Simon Pegg was a little over the top as Scotty and having a relationship between Spock and Uhura was quite a twist. Christopher Pine was wonderful as Kirk and I loved Bruce Greenwood as Christopher Pike.

The graphics were marvelous -- and just seeing the old Enterprise again was similar to the moment in the original STAR TREK movie when Kirk comes to see the renovated Enterprise. The graphics were amazing. If there was a weakness in the movie it would be Nemo -- the baddie Romulan. I don't think it was quite bad enough-- he was OK but not on the grand scale with the rest of the movie.

I hope everyone has a chance to see the movie.
Take care.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


I have just finished watching some of my favorite shows and ALL of them ended with a cliffhanger! Can you stand it! Now we have to wait through the summer to see if Ziva will ever forgive Tony for killing her lover on NCIS; if any of the CSI:NY staff survive the savage attack as they salute a fallen comrad -- and what was that alternate reality Olivia found herself in with William Bell (Leonard Nimoy) on FRINGE!

I still have to watch a couple more of my favorites -- and who wants to bet they ended in clifhangers too?

This is a great throw-back to serial television. Watching old series that would keep you guessing from one episode to the other. You just had to see what happened to your favorite character.

Remind you of Babylon 5? It should. J. Michael Straczynski took great care to set you up every chance he could. Who would have guessed Garibaldi would be betrayed by his #1 security guy. Who would have guessed Sinclair was Valen? How about Delenn turning into a half-human; half-Minbari? Each of these events led you down the road to anticipate the next event.
Thank heaven for the internet with the ability to watch TV shows after they air. I wish all shows did this. I still haven't seen The Mentalist yet -- and all you can see is snippets on the internet. Bummer. Oh well, They will be new to me on reruns.
Talk at you later.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dreary Sunday Afternoon

It is a rainy, dreary Sunday here in Washington. This sort of weather is good for two things -- keeping plants nice -- and watching DVDs. Rarely is there anything worth watching on Sunday afernoon. Seems to be reserved for sports of one kind or another. Luckily I have a petty good supply of DVDs. Today I watched THE CLOSER -- a series from TNT that is in its fourth season. I really like this show, though I rarely watching it on TV. Like a number of shows I really like, I usually seem to watch them on the computer at or some other on-line service. Thank goodness they are available -- especially on days like this. Even if there isn't much on TV or cable, you can pick your entertainment based on your mood.

If you aren't familiar with THE CLOSER, Kyra Sedgwick is a Deputy Police Chief and you follow her and her team as they investigate homocides in LA. Her team is top notch and it is a joy to watch Brenda in the interrogation room.

I seem to be into cop dramas these days -- NCIS, CSI, CSI: New York; CSI: Miami, and Fringe. If I had to pick a favorite it would be hard -- but Fringe is right up there. Can't wait to see the season finale -- the one where we actually see Leonard Nimoy as William Bell -- the guy who is behind all the weird scientific happenings Olivia has been investigating. We've gotten a taste in the last few weeks, and it will be wonderful to actually see Walter and William Bell meet again. Want to bet we'll have to wait until next season to see that????

One saving grace this summer will be the return of some series on SciFi (or SyFy by then). I do like Sanctuary and that returns in June. I think that is when the new Stargate Universe hits the airwaves as well. I am very happy to read that Richard Dean Anderson will make some appearances on the show. I've loved him since MacGyver.

Speaker of MacGyver, I heard a very cool reference the other day. Someone was talking about the economic crisis and said that "we are a nation of MacGyvers and we'll figure it out and fix it." I love that -- and truly hope it happens.

Have a great day,