Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Star Trek

I just finished watching some of the latest trailers for the upcoming STAR TREK movie. So far it looks good, but trailers can be OH SO MISLEADING. I'm sure I'm not the only one that has gone to the movies expecting great things only to find that the trailers were the best part of the movie!

I am hoping the new STAR TREK is good -- my generation had the old STAR TREK -- it would be good to give this generation something to stretch their imagination -- looking toward the future with hope and wonder.

I love the actors chosen for the new movie. Chris Pine is a marvelous actor. I saw him in a movie on an airplane last year and he was terrific. Zach Quinto has always been a standout on HEROES -- he was just SO evil!!!! I'm not sure of the rest of the cast, but we'll soon see. May 8 is coming up fast and reviews are already starting to hit the internet. I am glad to say that most of them seem positive, so we'll compare notes once it hits the U.S. on May 8.

Take care.