Thursday, April 7, 2011

Friday, March 25, 2011

Movies with a Message

I was offered the opportunity to review RUN ON a few weeks ago.  While I usually don't watch videos of this sort, I started watching and loved the stories of people overcoming challenges.  Though described as a comedy, it is far from the slap-stick comedy routines I'm familiar with.  You will laugh -- and cry -- as you watch this presentation. 

Here is a synopsis of RUN ON.

RUN ON is a standup comedy delivered by the top three Christian comedians -David A.R. White, Tommy Blaze and Brad Stine - who hysterically share a stage and tell stories of family, growing up and their own prodigal journeys.

Though each story is from a unique experience, they weave seamlessly together to form the oldest human story of all, the futility of trying to "run" from God (The Prodigal Son). While relaying humorous stories along with the real truth of their faith testimony, these three also show a serious side as they testify to sinful moments in each of their lives.

These men will make you laugh and teach you some important lessons for your life as they discuss the Christian influence that changed each of them. This show will reveal the funny and serious side of living a prodigal son's life. While the monologues are independent from each other and reflect very different paths and lifestyles, they weave together to create one greater story with elements and commonalities shared by all of us.